Brands I Love

I think it’s important to start this page with a note that the best food is whole food. Start a garden, and eat food right from nature as often as you can. But…. when you are looking for something different, or to recreate a guilty pleasure sometimes you need something a little more processed. Then the trick becomes finding something as organic, and simple as possible that doesn’t have too many ingredients you can’t pronounce, or don’t belong in food to begin with.

Here are some of my personally favorite brands for taste and ingredients.

Daiya – What don’t I love about their products, they are amazing! When looking for a cheese substitute they are my top choice by far. Their cheeses melt and have great flavor. As if that weren’t enough they have expanded their brand to not just awesome cheeses, but the foods that cheese lovers miss most, like pizza,  mac and cheese, and cheese cake… and that’s not all folks… these items are seriously yummy, and also vegan and gluten free! A big round of applause for Daiya!

DeLand Bakery – Muffins, breads, bagels oh my yum! I can make sandwiches again!!

So Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream and Desserts

Go Veggie Cream Cheese

Califia Almond Milk

A Spice Above spices for dips

Basiks seasoning for cooking