Discovering Hashimotos

It was February 2013, I was feeling a bit sluggish and tired. I had gained some weight, nothing anyone really noticed but you know how it is when you just know you’re a bit rounder. My energy wasn’t great and as always I was cold. So what to do? Get to the gym of course. This was my tried and true method when I hadn’t been as acting healthy as I knew I should be. I can be a pretty self motivated individual so dedicating myself to a 5 day a week morning workout for a month wasn’t out of the ordinary, and always showed improvements all around.

But by the end of the month I knew something wasn’t right. Not only had I not lost any weight, I felt more sluggish and less energetic then when the month started. I scheduled a doctors appointment to see if this was all in my head. One week later I was meeting with my doctor who suggested a thyroid test. The blood was drawn and another week passed before I got a phone call, that the doctor wanted me to come in for a more comprehensive panel. Curious (and as you will see very typically type-A of me) I got online to see what the blood results were (online medical results are a blessing and a curse).

My TSH was 5.02. This is not crazy, but it’s not great either. Current medical standards typically agree that a TSH between 1 and 3 is best for normal health. So this must have been it, but wait.. there’s more. The second test results I received while traveling. I wasn’t on any medicine yet and had continued to feel, well shitty. I was also still gaining weight despite returning to a crazy healthy diet. I literally split my jeans at one point bending over on this trip. This is not feeling right, time to upsize. I remember sitting in my hotel in Maryland anxiously awaiting the results online. Then I saw it. TPO Ab 885 – High.

Some immediate Googling, and I knew what was wrong. I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. An autoimmune disease where your immune system essentially gets confused and starts to attack your own thyroid reducing its ability to do what it does best, regulating so many things in your body from temperature, to mood, to weight, on and on.

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